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Easily protect your screen and health with our innovative blue light blocking screen protector.

iPhone Anti Blue Light Screen Protector
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9H Tempered Glass

A++ quality glass sourced in Japan. Stronger and more scratch-resistent than your average screen protector.

Sleep better with Blueguard

Feel better and more energized after a good nights sleep. Blueguard™ makes sure your melatonin production stays intact.

Improves eye health

Have a lot of screentime? Blueguard stops the negative eye conveniences that comes with it; eye strain, blurred vision, dry eyes & headache.

Barely noticeable

Fits perfectly - covers screen edge to edge. Crystal clear screen - no orange tinge. No distortion on touchscreen.

Blueguard protects your screen and improves your health at once 💙

Improves your sleep

Blue light exposure will make your body forget that it is bedtime. Blueguard™ anti blue light filter will help you take back control of your sleep.

Protects your eyes

Blue light emission from digital devices can have several negative eye conveniences like; eye strain, blurred vision and dry eyes. Not with Blueguard. Keep your eyes happy and healthy.

Protects your screen

Tough tempered glass to protect your screen. Avoid the annoyance of using a broken screen, or the time and money consuming task of replacing one.

Protect your dearest

Don't only ensure your own sleep, eyes and screen. Protect your family also. Get 5% when you buy 2 items and 10% when you buy 2+ items. On whole order.

Better sleep = better life.

See why people choose Blueguard to support their lifestyle.

Signe: Digital agency & sports

Signe is a project manager at the global digital agency Wunderman Thompson and has felt the consequences of increased exposure to digital screens. "I work in front of a screen every day for 8-10 hours. In addition I use my phone to keep track of calender and occasionally check social media.

Read about Signe's 30-20-10 rule to overcome blurred vision

Ahmed: Hacking a 12 hour work day

Ahmed is a hyper-productive 25 years old gentleman studying at Copenhagen Business School. Besides studying, Ahmed works as a consultant at the Danish consulting house Valcon. "I can feel that the overexposure to digital screens has a significant impact on my physical and psychological well-being..."

Read how Ahmed stays productive through a 12+ hours workday

Anti blue light = anti couch potato

Cold shower, no screen time before bed, or an early run. There are lot of ways to energize in the morning, but not all are convenient. Blueguard screen protectors are easy. Put it on once, forget about it, and wake up feeling more rested everyday.

Join Blueguard, and stay productive

What is blue light?

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