#2 Blueguard Lifestyle - Meet Ahmed

#2 Blueguard Lifestyle - Meet Ahmed

We're so happy when people choose Blueguard, but even more excited to hear who they are, what they do and why they use Blueguard. Ahmed agreed on a talk with us 💙🎉.


Ahmed is a productive 25 years old gentleman studying at Copenhagen Business School. Simultaneously with his studies, Ahmed works as a consultant at the Danish consulting house Valcon, which means that most of his day is spent in front of a digital screen. And the screentime has only been increased in light of COVID-19


Describe a day in your life

My day has changed dramatically due to Corona. Before the pandemic, my daily life alternated between lectures at CBS, work at our office in Central Copenhagen and social gatherings with my friends. Today it is different. Most of the time, I am sitting in front of the screen at my “home-office”. Whether it being school, work or even the online workout program, I am currently following, everything takes place online. 

I can feel that the overexposure to digital screens has a significant impact on my physical and psychological well-being. With an 8 to 10 hour online work-day followed by another 3 to 4 hours online studying, my eyes feel itchy and tired. But as soon as I am done working on my laptop and I switch to my smartphone for some relaxing IG scrolling, my eyes are once again exposed to the blue light of a digital screen. 


What are you doing about it?

When I realized that this is now the “new normal” and that my daily life will be like this for a while, I made the decision to do something about it. 

I have installed software on my laptop that minimizes the sharp light from the computer. Unfortunately, it turns the screen yellow, which is something I have just accepted for now, even though I find it kind of disturbing. With regards to my phone, which I especially use at night, I have been really satisfied with my Blueguard protection glass. It blocks out most of the harmful blue light without turning the screen orange as with other alternatives such as Apple’s night mode. 


Would you recommend Blueguard to others?

For people who spend most of their time on the phone in the evening or at night, I would definitely recommend getting a protection glass from Blueguard. I was anyway spending $35 on a protection glass, so why not buy a glass from Blueguard that not only protects your phone but also reduces the exposure to the harmful blue light emitted from the phone.  

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