#1 Blueguard Lifestyle - Meet Signe

#1 Blueguard Lifestyle - Meet Signe

We're so happy when people choose Blueguard, but even more excited to hear who they are, what they do and why they use Blueguard. Signe agreed on a talk with us 💙🎉.


Signe is a project manager at the global digital agency Wunderman Thompson and she has increasingly felt the consequences of the increased exposure to digital screens in her everyday life. 

How do you use today's digital devices in your everyday life?

Digital screens have become a significant part of my everyday life. I work in the digital agency Wunderman Thompson, where we assist our customers in optimizing their digital marketing. Implicit in this is that all our work takes place digitally. Therefore, I work in front of a screen every day for 8-10 hours. In addition, of course, I keep track of my everyday planning and appointments with my digital calendar and occasionally also check the social media on my phone.

All in all, a large part of my daily life takes place with a screen by my side. It's amazing how many opportunities it creates, but of course, it also comes at a price. I can clearly feel my vision getting blurred and my brain getting tired after staring into the screen for just a few hours at a time.

What do you do about it? (Signe's way of overcoming headaches and blurred vision)

Last year I read about something called "Computer-Vision-Syndrome". I could really relate to this syndrome. It is this feeling of having itchy eyes and headaches after focusing on a screen for a long time. Therefore, I researched what could be done to reduce this side effect and came across the concept of blue light. Apparently, all our digital screens emit a harmful blue light which is the cause of the nuisances.

Therefore, I invested in Blueguard's anti-blue light glass, which ensures that I am always protected from the harmful blue light on my iPhone. As for my computer, I think a similar alternative is missing, which is why today I am using a rule I read about called the 30-20-10 rule. In its simplicity, it means that every 30 minutes you have to look at something for 20 seconds that is 10 meters away. It has helped me a lot in my daily work.

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