What's blue light and it's consequences?

Many have heard about blue light, but what are the actual consequences?

Due to the massive use of smartphones & digital screens, modern humans are experiencing constant exposure to blue light.

Understand light - briefly 🌈

Visible light consist of the colors we see. Different colors have different energy-levels (wavelength between 400-700 nm). The energy-wavelength relation is inverse. That means the shorter the wavelength the more energy πŸ€“.

Violet and blue light has shortest wavelength thus contains most energy.

It used to be only the sun 🌞

Blue light emitted from the sun has historically been important for the creation of life on planet Earth. Without that energy, we wouldn't live.

Blue light from the sun used to be the determiner of our sleep rhythm - it kept us alert during the day, and it's absence put us to sleep at night.

Sleep's devil πŸ‘Ή

Due to digital screens also emitting blue light, for the modern human the sun never sets. At least that's how your body experience it.

Blue light supresses creation of the natural sleep hormone 'melatonin', which led to the fact that WHO has declared a 'sleep-loss pandemic'.


Sleep better while keeping your screens!

Blueguard is created because we want to get a good nights rest without throwing away our phones, computers and whatnot.

Watch your eye health πŸ‘€

Studies have proven blue light to make lasting damages on the cells in retina. This means blue light is destroying the eye and accelerating age related eye diseases. The consequences are particular ugly for children and young adults, as their eyes are not fully developed.

Besides, most of us have already felt the immidiate consequences of overexposure to blue light. Dry, itchy eyes, blurred vision and headache are all common symptoms.


Entering Blueguard!

Blueguardβ„’ innovative screen protectors blocks for harmful blue light emissions. They’re made from super-strong tempered japanese glass with a scratch-resistant oleophobic coating, so they’re ready to take a beating. And unlike night mode settings, Blueguard does it without coloring your screen orange.

The result is your screen protected, and a more productive you πŸ’™

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